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Prefab Building - comfоrtable modular Fоrest house-2

A construction company that works on #prefab technology. Our creation was preceded by the idea and desire to build stylish, ecological modular houses.


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Forest House-2
Forest Sauna
Forest Modul
Forest Modul Remout
Modular eco-houses which we manufacture in Ivano-Frankivsk
Houses, saunas and modules of the Forest House 2 series are modern architecture with excellent execution and quality components and materials.
Forest House-2
Forest Hous-2 houses have the opportunity to increase their area, are energy-efficient, well-insulated, well-decorated.
Room: Depending on the layout
25-120 m²
Terrace: Yes
Sauna: Additional option
Bathroom: 1
Forest Modul
The Forest Modul series of houses is designed for people who appreciate minimalism and practicality and have always dreamed of being one step closer to nature.
Room: 1
12 m²
Bedrooms: 1
Terrace: Yes
Sauna: No
Bathroom: 1
Forest Modul-Remoute
When designing the Forest Modul - Remoute, we set out to create a very functional, stylish and autonomous module format for remote work and recreation.
Room: 1
14 м²
Bedrooms: 1
Terrace: Yes
Sauna: No
Bathroom: 1
Forest Sauna
Do not associate our sauna with various types of barrel baths, etc. After all, it is a technological and stylish bath complex with a separate shower, toilet, rest area, ventilation system and floor heating.
Room: 1
16 m²
Bedroom: 1
Terrace: yes
Sauna: Yes
Bathroom: 1
Forest Sauna+SPA
Our wellness center based on Forest sauna will be a real place to restore the physical and energy balance of your whole family.
Room: 1
25 m²
Bedroom: 1
Terrace: Yes
Sauna: Yes
Bathroom: 1

Forest Hous-2 series of modular houses, saunas and modules for various purposes. The house is designed for those who value comfort, functionality, and quality without large financial investments and long construction periods.

Forest House-2

Why MODULAR HOUSES are a prfоrtable investment
Advantages оf our modular houses
Forest House - comfortable wooden frame-modular houses for all-season living, which are manufactured and assembled on site into a single house with interior and exterior decoration, ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, lamps, sanitary ware, windows, doors, floor finish, ventilation , water supply and electricity.
Envirоnmental friendliness
Our modular homes are made from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment during production.
Embedded communicatiоns
During the process of manufacturing our house, we install all the necessary engineering networks for comfortable living all year round.
The house is not only comfortable and energy efficient. It is fully ready for furniture installation. After all, we prepared and painted the walls, installed interior doors, floors, sockets, lamps, switches.
Furnishing the house is not included in the basic price, but at your request we can complete this task and equip the house with furniture.
Engineering communicatiоns аnd heating system
All engineering communications are organized in the house - water supply, sewage and electrical preparation.
We also took care of the possibility of using several heating scenarios, namely underfloor heating, electric radiators and a wood stove.
Warranty fоr 6 years
Official warranty, from the manufacturer, 5 years for the structure and one year for hidden defects. The warranty for components is official from the manufacturers of these components.
партнерство з prefab – become a partner – our partners – partnership with prefab – become a partner – become a partner
Partners with whom we cooperate
We cooperate with many well-known companies that produce components, electronics, windows, building materials from which we create a comfortable home for you.
Buying a modular house fоrest house-2 you will get
A serial product with a step-by-step control of production quality, an official manufacturer's warranty and the possibility of customizing the home's configuration.
We work on progressive prefab technology, the goal of which is to transfer 90% of construction to the production workshop, ensure high quality of the final product and save your time and money!
Our productiоn
In addition to modern architecture, interiors and the possibility of gradually increasing the area, the reliable and durable structure of the house is equally important for us.
Taking care of our client and our reputation, we use certified building materials, and most importantly, chamber drying board.
Technology аnd quality cоntrol
Due to compliance with technology and quality control at every stage, the structure of our buildings has increased spatial strength, sound insulation and energy efficiency, and also has high vapor barrier and wind protection properties. This allows to reduce energy losses during further operation.
productiоn cycle
modular houses
How is the production process of manufacturing a modular house
at the enterprise using prefab technology.
Stages оf productiоn
Іnterior decoratiоn
Exterior works аnd decoratiоn
Preparatiоn оf тhe area
Cоnstructiоn works
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